Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chalkboard Posters

So if you are on Pinterest then you know the big thing is Chalkboard Posters these days. To date I've created two: one for my daughter's 1st birthday and the other was for a family member's upcoming college graduation.

What you need:
  • a computer (duh lol)
  • or PhotoShop
  • Chalkboard Image (download below)
  • Various Fonts (see links below)
Chalkboard Image

  1. Browse through the chalkboard fonts and download the ones you plan to use. Once the file downloads on your computer you must open it, click on the font name, then click install. The font will then automatically populate in any font drop down menu on your computer
  2. Save the chalkboard image down below. Then open the chalkboard image in either or Photoshop.
  3. Change the image size to that of the size of the poster you are making. I did 24x36.
  4. You will need create layers for each word/phrase you add to your board. This can be achieved by clicking "Layer" and "New Layer". It is important to note that you cannot edit a layer in once you move on to a new layer. You can however edit layers in Photoshop.
  5. Once you have completed your poster save it as either a jpeg or a .PNS file.
  6. I always uses to print my poster because they seem to have the unique 24x36 size. It usually runs about $29.99, but recently they ran a promotion where the poster was only $10. You could also check places like Shutterfly, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS out.
  7. For my daughter's birthday party I covered a project board with fabric and attached the poster using double sided sticky table (picture below). You however can display it anyway you would like :)

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