Sunday, August 24, 2014

IKEA Spice Racks as Bookshelves

This weekend my husband and I decided to transform our daughter's nursery into a toddler room. This consisted of turning her crib into a toddler bed and creating her a little book nook. She absolutley LOVES books and will often pull every book off my older daughters bookcase, so I felt it was time to give her a space to foster her appreciation for books lol. I've always seen the DIY IKEA spice rack/bookshelf idea on Pinterest and decided it was time to give it a go. In my opinion this option allows you to maximize space in your child's bedroom. Originally I thought I would order the spice racks from IKEA online as they are only $3.99 each; however, I decided to visit the store when I realized shipping was the same cost as the racks ($16). 

The project was rather simple. Assembly of the spice racks was relativelty easy and I was even able to enlist the help of my older daughter. After that I gave them a coat of pink spray paint and waited for them to dry. Lastly, I hung them on the wall using wood screws. My husband suggested (AFTER the fact :-/) that I use a stud finder, I would be worried about this if I were placing heavier books on he racks. I also picked up the a cute little flower night light from IKEA to place in the center of the little book nook :)

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