Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Alasia's Spa Party

So my daughter's birthday is on December 30th which can sometimes be a pain as it is so close to a Christmas.  With that being said her last birthday party was when she turned 8 and consisted of a sleepover, trip to the nail school for manicures and pedicures, and then a tea party at a fancy hotel (looking back that was TOO much). As she creeps towards being a preteen I wanted her to have a very special birthday party for her 11th birthday.....which is how the "Spa Party" idea came into play. Alasia invited 6 of her close friends over for an evening of facials, manicures, pedicures, and refreshments. Below are pictures from the party.

These are the nail polish invitations I created. I used glitter scrapbook paper for the bottle and added a jewel letter embellishment on the front. The bottle cap is black scrapbook paper. I typed up the party details in Microsoft Word, cut them out, and glued them on the the back of the invite. If I could do them over I would have made the base of the bottle smaller and the top of it wider. Some pins on Pinterest also show you how to make the bottle top 3-D by using a q-tip o that inserts into the bottle portion of the invite!

The Spa Bar Menu
Turkey pinwheels, fresh fruit, veggies and dip, cheese mask/chips, nail polish cupcakes, and sparkling strawberry punch (Hawaian punch, Sprite & frozen strawberries). I was a little worried if the menu would be a hit as it was not your traditional party food, BUT the girls loved it and spent a good portion of the party chowing down!

Spa Decorations
I originally was going to make an elaborate backdrop for the Spa Bar, but I simply ran out of time and had spent too much money already. I ended up having my husband tape a strip of packing tape (sticky side up) onto the wall and adhere strips of streamers to it. He then taped balloons on top and we had a simple backdrop! The photo cuts off the tulle table skirt I on the front of the table; however, I there is a picture of it on my blog entitled "Khloe Turns One". Yes, I reused it :) Below you will see that I made circular stickers that I adhered to the party cups, party favors, and the nail kits. I used clip art I found online and the Avery label software that was listed on the back of the labels I purchased! I found the pink lip straws from Walmart for like $2. If I had not run across them I had planned to make the lips myself with card stock and a hole puncher.

So if you can't tell this dish is suppose to resemble a woman with her head wrapped in a towel with a facial mask on. The actual face is a cheese mixture and guacamole is spread on top to represent the facial mask. The wrapped towel is american cheese, cucumbers over the eyes, and a red pepper for the lips. The Pinterest link is embedded above!  I didn't get a chance to actually task the mask, but my husband informed me that he did not like it (but he can be picky). If I made this again I think I would treat the base of the mask more like a dip (salsa, cheese, and meat) rather than a cheese ball. I think the mask would still hold and form the shape of the lady's face.

Again I saw this idea on Pinterest (link embedded above). The bottle portion is a marshmallow coated in sugar sprinkles and the top is a tootsie roll. The cupcakes were store bought and I just added the toppers before the party. If I could do this over again I would have also liked to make this nail polish cake I found on Pinterest in addition to the cupcakes!

Facial Table
Each girl had their own place setting at the table. I used scrap book paper from Micheal's for the place setting ($1.19). I purchased up a nail kit from Dollar Tree (toe separators, nail clippers, buffers, cuticle tool, nail file) for each girl.  I  also purchased bowls from Wal-Mart for $.78 and rolled white hand towels (secured with a bow) which were $.48. I also found super cute pink mirrors from Dollar Tree that the girls could use as we did facials. I had a very hard time finding terry cloth headbands at the last minute. If I had more time I would have ordered them in bulk from Amazon. As a last resort I purchased plain black headbands from Dollar Tree so the girls could keep their hair out of their face during the facial. I use to sell Mary Kay a few years back, so I was able to utilize some of the materials from my starter kit for the facial portion of the party. The time-wise cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin so I knew it would be okay for the girl's skin.  I gave each girl a plastic MK facial tray that held all the products they would use for the facial. I used the following products: MK time-wise cleanser, a natural mud mask I found at Target, MK time-wise moisturizer, MK satin lips treatment, and two cucumber slices to soothe their eyes!

Center Pieces
I decorated large mason jars with ribbon to use a a vase for my floral arrangement. My flower of choice was the pink rose accompanied by pink Christmas decorations I found at Micheal's on clearance. 

The Birthday Girl!


Manicure Station 
My friend ran the manicure station which first consisted of the girls soaking their nails to soften their cuticles. One at a time they moved to the manicurist table where they received a MK satin hand treatment and then a manicure.

Pedicure Station
I manned the pedicure station. Each girl had their own personal tub that was filled with rose petals, bath salts, and a Shea butter foot soak. I also made my own Strawberry Sugar scrub (sugar, grape seed oil, essential oil, dap red food coloring) to use during the pedicures. I found the pedicure flip flops from Five Below for $1.

 Party Favors
I took advantage of Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale to score lotions ($2), hand sanitizer ($1), and body loofah ($1.50) to create favor bags for each girl. I also made several signs for the party which consisted of wooden frames from Micheal's ($1), pink spray paint, ribbon, and pink jewels. In additon to the favors each girl took home all the materials they used during the party: pink facial bowls, hand towels, pedicure basins etc).

My daughter and her friends had a great time and I was very happy I could do something that would give her lasting memories :)


  1. Wow!! What a lovely spa party. Loved all your arrangements especially cheese mask. Have to organize amazing party for my sister at one of New York event venues. Will take some ideas from my friend as she is a party planner.