Monday, August 11, 2014

Free Revlon & Mucinex at Rite Aid

I had a rather chaotic Rite Aid trip this evening BUT  I was able to get 5 items for free and made $5.50 for a future shopping trip! It was however, my first time taking both my daughters with me as my husband was at work. Of course, the youngest threw a tantrum bc she wanted to pull every piece of candy off the shelf *sigh*. I also ran into a little issue with a disgruntled cashier, who ended up looking crazy when the manager came out and politely finished my transaction. Overall, I walked away with 4 Revlon eye shadows and a box of Mucinex Allergy not only for FREE but I made $5.50. Here is how I did it:

Rite Aid

Buy: (4) Revlon Eye Shadow Links @ $3.29 (BOGO 50% off)
Use: (4) $2/1 Revlon Eye Products ( *you will need 2 computers or iPads
and (1) $3.00 off  Revlon Cosmetic or Eye and Beauty Tools, $5.00 or more  Rite Aid coupon (
Final Price: Free (when you buy 4)

Buy:  (1) Mucinex Allergy 5 ct @ $7.50 (sales price, orginally $8.99)
Use:  $3/1 Mucinex Product Rite Aid coupon (
and $2/1 Mucinex Allergy Product from RP 8/10
Final Price: Free AND $5.50 Moneymaker

Paid: $2.69
Received: $3.00 cash back and $5.50 UpReward

Retail: $22.15

Advice: Always scan money off coupons (ex. $3 off $5) FIRST followed by store coupons and lastly manufacture coupons. Have your UpRewards printed on your receipt instead of being automatically loaded to your Wellness Card (a cashier can do this for you). I find that sometimes my UpRewards come off first during a transaction and then I cannot used all of my coupons. This happened today, but the manger redid the transaction and scanned my Wellness card last so that I could use all the coupons. However, my very last coupon ($3/1 Mucinex Rite Aid Coupon) wouldn't scan bc my total was $2.96. To my surprise after I paid the $2.96 the manager gave me $3 cash back for the coupon. The Rite Aid store policy states that overage will not be given and that coupons that exceed a purchase balance should be manually marked down. I was very grateful for this and it made my trip even better!

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