Friday, January 2, 2015

6 Tides for $13

I must admit I haven't clipped coupons in over a month and I haven't gone "couponing" in a few months. Last spring I scored 6 jugs of Tide for about $17 bucks. Can you believe I am just about finished with my last jug? I can't believe it lasted me as long as it did. Anyway, my husband (who usually keeps the laundry in rotation at our house) reminded me last week that we were going to need Tide soon. It was just my luck that CVS had Tide on sale, CVS had an extra bucks offer for Tide, had a Tide coupon and I had 2 different CVS coupons available to use. Below is the breakdown:

Purchased: (6) 40oz Tide Laundry Detergents @ $5.94 ( on sale, originally $7.99)
Used::6 $.75 off Tide coupons (use zip code 77477 for TX)
Used: $6 off of $30 CVS Coupon
Used: $3.50 Extra Bucks Coupon (this popped up on my CVS app today)

OOP: $23.21
Received: $10.00 Extra Bucks (can be used toward any CVS purchase)

Total: $13.21

Savings: $34.73

*Tide will be on sale at CVS until 1/3/15

If you you want details on Coupon Policies and other general coupon info check out my blog post Couponing 101.