Sunday, March 30, 2014

Diaper Cake

I was very fortunate to have not one but TWO diaper cakes at each of my showers for my youngest daughter. I fell in love with them and couldn't wait to have a "reason" to make one myself lol. Well one of my sorority sisters had a baby shower this past February and it was my time to get my DIY fix lol. As with most of my projects I will say that although making a diaper cake is fairly simple it requires a lot of time and patience.

What you will need:

  • 70-80 diapers 
  • Hot glue gun
  • Thick ribbon and a spool of thinner ribbon
  • Package of Shredded Paper
  • 16in Cake Plate
  • Pack of white rubber bands (used my daughter's silly bands lol)
  • Topper of your choice
  • Paper Towel Roll
  • White yarn
  1. Roll each diaper so no print is showing and secure with rubber band (this takes the most time). Once they are all rolled set them to the side until step 3.
  2. Secure the paper towel roll to the center of the cake plate with hot glue
  3. Arrange rolled diapers onto the cake plate for form your base. I left about 1/2 inch from the edge of the plate. The number of diapers you use all depends on how wide/tall your cake will be. Secure the base in place by tying yarn around the base. Repeat these steps to create the next two layers.
  4. Use hot glue to adhere the thicker of the two ribbons around the center of each layer of diapers. Then adhere the thinner ribbon on top of the thicker ribbon as pictured above. You can also make bows from either of the two types of ribbon and secure them to the front of each layer. I also made a little name tag in Microsoft Word to put on the front of the cake.
  5. Hot glue the shredded paper around the base of the the diaper cake. Secure shredded paper on top of layers 2 and 3 by simply tucking it carefully into various diapers. DO NOT hot glue it to the diapers.
  6. Using push pins attach you topper (I used a bear here) to the top of your cake.

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