Sunday, March 8, 2015

Khloe Turns Two: A Peppa Pig Party

My youngest daughter (Khloe) continues to prove to me daily that she is the total opposite of my oldest daughter (Alasia). Now as parents you know that your children are different, but raising them together day in and day out only proves this notion further. As a toddler Alasia loved cartoons that sung and danced (The Backyardigans) or ones that talked to know crowd participation (Dora the Exlporer)? Well.......Khloe's favorite cartoon is about a family of pigs that live in the UK lol. This is how I came to plan her second birthday party with a "Peppa Pig" theme. It is extremely hard to find anything Peppa Pig related in the US, then you have Peppa Pig World in the UK. Yes, it is a real amusement park solely based on the show lol. If only I could fly my family to England so that Khloe could experience this ha! Anyway, below are pictures from the party. I hope they are helpful to any parent that may eventually be faced with planning a Peppa Pig party.......NOT in England! I tried to link items I bought throughout the post.

Etsy was a huge help with this party. I found a listing for the below digital image and I received the image within like 48 hour. I then sent the image to CVS and ordered 4x6 photos for like $0.08 each. Lastly, I used mailing labels to adhere to the front of yellow envelopes. 


I wanted to make some props for the party so I turned to cardboard. My husband and I used a cardboard box to make Peppa Pig's house. We used it to frame the toddler bounce house that we used at the party. My husband made a PVC pipe frame that we used to adhere the house frame. This was like a $30 investment that I will be able to rearrange and use for future party backdrops.  to I also used a recycled box to make another mini house to decorate one of the party tables. 

PVC Pipe Frame

Khloe and her little friend enjoyed paying in the Peppa Pig bounce house. I found this toddler bounce house at Walmart for under $50 and it actually fits in my living room.

So my personality (sometimes I think I am Type A, OCD, and histrionic all mixed in one lol) wouldn't allow me to serve food that didn't somehow connect with the show. With my husband's help (he pays more attention to Peppa Pig when it's on than I do) I created menu items that each related to some character on the show. Although, it seemed like a weird combination of food, it ended up being a rather tasty spread. I used clipart and Microsoft Publisher to create these menu tents.

Party Setup
So I made like 5 sketches of the party setup in the weeks leading up to the party.  It allowed me to color coordinate everything and perfect my table setup. Funny thing is I actually forgot it at home the day of the party lol, however; I had studied it so much I believe it was etched into my memory!! I would recommend anyone planning a party to make yourself a little sketch so you will know what goes where etc.

Table Sketch 

So here is the actual setup. I ordered the background poster from Esty. It is apparently super expensive to print postersthat large......luckily I had a Groupon for a poster print from Printerpix that I used for this. I also ordered the paper garland from Esty which I used to line the front of the table.

Khloe's grandpa photo bombed this picture lol.

I ordered the cake from Sam's Club for a pretty low price of $32. When I went to pick it up I realized that the top layer was white instead of yellow. The cake decorator had already left for the day and it was no way it could be "fixed". The manager compensated me by giving me the cake for $15. I then went to Joann's and bought some sugar sheets and used them to make the yellow, blue, and red, dots that you see on the top tier of the cake. I also added Peppa Pig figurines (found at Toysrus) to the cake to make it a "Peppa Pig" cake. Laslty,found this beautiful cake stand at Home Goods and I just realized yesterday that I able able to change out the ribbon.......great investment!

Large Red Trays: Target
Blue Egg Trays: Walmart
Green Bowls: Dollar Tree
Veggie Platter: Walmart
Yellow Cardboard Platters: Micheal's

I ordered these Peppa Pig cookies from Custom Style, LLC. She is extremely talanted and can make ANY cookie vision come true and will ship the cookies to you. I googled Peppa Pig cookies and none of these came up in my about unique. If you would like custom cookies made for any of your events please contact her.

Peppa has on a party hat on some of the cookies and is jumping in muddy puddles in the others.

Here I displayed the house I made (which clearly got beat up since I made it in January lol) with "muddy puddle" cupcakes. I found the grass cupcake shelves at Micheal's. Peppa Pig and her family LOVE to put on their rain boots and jump in muddle puddles lol. I didn't think it would be a true Peppa Pig party without including this detail, so I displayed Peppa Pig's yellow rain boots on this table. Apparently it is super hard to find yellow kid rain boots on the internet. I ended up ordering them from Zulily.


I ordered the Peppa Pig party hats and plates from Amazon. I also decorated table with green tins of Goldie Fish Crackers (gold fish) and Teddy Bear's Cookies (teddy grams). I ordered plastic drinking cups with lids and straws from Amazon for the kids to use. I decorated them by adhering labels I created in Microsoft Publisher. Lastly, I used a stuffed Peppa Pig Khloe got for Christmas to hold balloons as the center piece. I ordered the Peppa Pig balloons from Etsy as well. I found a party rental store that rented out kid sized tables and chairs........they were the perfect size for Khloe and her 1 guest. Yes......after sending out 12 invitations to friend only one kid came to the party lol (but that is a totally different post for another day). We were very thankful that he came as she had a great time playing with him.

Here I used flower windmills (Dollar Tree $1) and metal buckets (Target $ bin)  to create table center pieces. I also printed a few images and framed them with frames from Target ($1)

Peppa Pig Shirts
So of course I had to order family shirts for the party lol. I ordered them from Esty as well. The shop owner makes tons of other character shirts and shipped them super fast.

Overall, I think Khloe had a great time celebrating with friends and family. She received lots of fun toys and TONS of clothes (which makes mommy happy). No more parties until she turns 5 lol


  1. I am an adult but I just love Peppa Pig themed parties. So this year I am planning to host my 20th Peppa Pig themed birthday. I will host this party at one of my favorite Chicago event venues. I am really very excited for my birthday bash!